Lock up – Movie review,Stallones most underated movie (1989)

Frank Leone (Stallone) is a convict who is coming to the end of long stay in prison.

Having been a model prisoner Frank is shocked when with months to go, he is transferred to a maximum security prison were he is reunited with an old warden (Donald Sutherland) who is not Franks biggest fan.

This movie really pick’s up the horrible feeling of dread that most new comers must feel when entering this type of prison,Stallones character builds friendship’s and enemies in no time,the the clock is ticking for his release date which Frank will meet if he can stay out of trouble.

This movie has a fantastic soundtrack,matched with a great cast including the following star’s  –

Stallone – Stallone show’s great range in this movie,on the one hand he want’s to be the nice guy who has learnt from his mistakes,on the other hand people inside will take advantage of him unless he stick’s up for himself,the movie would be enjoyable alone, purely on Frank’s fight with his own trouble’s.

Sutherland – This guy has starred in so many blockbuster’s that I’m sure everyone has lost count,he let’s no one down in this movie,Sutherland plays a sadistic prison warden who gains joy from watching Frank’s pain.

Amos – Play’s a strong prison guard,not to be messed with,Amos plays a role which I found hard to pin him down on,with him playing the dad in Coming to America the year before,the contrast is huge,great performance.

Sizemore – he always seem’s to play the lead’s best friend is most of his movies,this time he is sleazier than normal,which makes you question his likeability but not his performance.




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