Man v Food – Review – Fat Americans killing themself!

Just come across this programme today,I feel sick just watching it,never mind eating some of the mountains they call food.

Here in the UK we have Jamie Oliver fighting the school’s to make sure our kid’s meals are healthy and educating them on a healthy diet,this guy is celebrating obese people’s care free attitudes toward’s HUGE meal’s and an early death.

2 thoughts on “Man v Food – Review – Fat Americans killing themself!”

  1. The first two seasons of this show were mind boggling even for fat Americans everywhere. This guy no longer does his own challenges, though. I can’t help but speculate that it took a fair toll on his health and I’m surprised this guy even has any intestines left after all the scoville units he’s forced through them during his show. He now recruits locals to do his food challenges (the giant portions and horrible hot crap). He still eats things that are less than lean, though.

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