I love you Phillip Morris – Happy and Gay

I love it when you watch a movie without knowing anything before hand.


Jim Carey play’s a normal guy who is living a lie,that lie comes out when he nearly dies,he then feel’s like a new man,no pun intended.

This movie is interesting on two level’s,one being that Carey and McGregor play a gay couple,they do so convincingly and with great humour and insecure emotion.


On another level Carey plays Stephen Russel,a compulsive liar and con man,after he stops living a straight mans life,Carey decides the world is his oyster,there are no lines that should not be crossed in his eyes.

A hugely enjoyable true film that makes you hesitate in parts,then you jump in, and enjoy this BIG gay ride of a funny story.

Possibly Carey’s best performance since Man on the Moon.


6 thoughts on “I love you Phillip Morris – Happy and Gay”

  1. I liked Carey better when he didn’t do Dramedies. His pure comedy stuff is his best work, he’s one of the comedy actors that has gotten way too serious. I did enjoy 23, though.

  2. Pet Detective 6? Not really, I’m not a fan of excessive remakes either. But, he’s such a talented guy I’m pretty sure he’d have no problem finding material. This is one of the better ones, I will concede.

  3. Oh! I should mention that I have this thing with seeing comedy actors do horror. Jim is one of those I’d like to see playing a serial killer. Just because I know he could. lol

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