Ip man – Movie review – The best martial arts film ever made (2008)

I always thought Enter the Dragon was the best martial arts movie ever made,that is,until I just finished watching Ip man,the story of the man famous for teaching Bruce Lee and a legend in his own right.

This movie has the class and style of The last Samurai mixed with amazing martial arts,With reference to the Last Samurai,that movie had a tale to tell,as well as meeting interesting characters along the way.

Ip man has everything,a story based upon a true master,an amazing cast mixed with realistic fight scene’s that put other movies to shame.

One of my pet hates with these type of movies is normally the predictability with the story,this is more than your run of the mill quiet man who decides it’s time to kick ass,relating to all of Bruce Lee’s movies,im not knocking Bruce Lee when I say that,Bruce made some amazing fight movies,first of their kind,but directors have been trying to copy those movies for years without making up ground,that is, until now.

If you not into fight movies I still predict you will enjoy this movie,it’s more to do with your moral code and your ability to stay cool under pressure.


Simply breath taking.

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