Abduction: Movie Review

Just how long into the movie were we going to get before Taylor Lautner gets his top off? Well ladies not long at all, I guess if your hiring this guy you want him using his assists early as possible. 
For sure the director is gonna want to pull as much attention as possible with this being his first break away film from the twilight shite" sorry I mean saga".

The movie Is based around Lautners character whose life is turned upside down while doing a school project with the high School crush, he discovers that his parents are not quite who they say they are. While the truth is brought to the service, a panic button has been called. And bad guys are lining up to take him out. Of course it's not gonna be that easy. We all know that if you have a chiselled body this makes you a killing machine!! As you can guess the bad buys soon get more the they bargained for. 
To bad the viewers didn't, let's be honest here, you can't tell where his character from twilight ends and this one begins. One plus side though, it wasn't twilight. There was
actually dialogue in this movie. Was the movie enjoyable? If someone asks me "have you seen anything good of late" I'm pretty sure this would slip my mind after a few days.


One thought on “Abduction: Movie Review”

  1. I like the role Taylor Lautner play in that movie, well actually I like the whole movie.

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