How I spent my summer vacation,Movie review – Great film

I’m not sure why the film makers decided on using two names for the film,depending on where you live,it’s,How I spent my summer vacation or Get the Gringo,I prefer the Gringo title,it relates to the film,while the vacation title sounds like a Julia Roberts rom’ com.

Back to this film and I was impressed,Mel Gibson seems to split the room lately,but if we are talking about talent,Mel is one of my favourite actors /directors,some of my favourite films include Apocolypto and Payback.

Mel plays a mysterious bad egg who find’s himself in trouble with the Mexican police,the back drop and the story are original,while the action comes together with style and excitement.

Mel is back to his best!



Side note – This movie has outstanding special effects


4 thoughts on “How I spent my summer vacation,Movie review – Great film”

  1. I dont agree. You should start watching some real french films for inspiration and acting, I once saw a french movie about a guy who got kidnapped and the man dressed him ladies attire and pretended it was his wife. The guy then had all the village round and they also thought that it was his wife. The man in the dress ran away and killed someone – I can t really remember. However – the frenchies you just cant beat them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Is this in theaters now or is it out on DVD/Blu-Ray? I never heard of this until now. Sounds sweet especially if it has Dean Norris in it! He is awesome in Breaking Bad

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