Coriolanus (2011)Movie review – I would rather stick forks in my eyes

I hate this movie with a passion,it’s the kind of movie that gives independent movies a bad name,I am not a fan of Shakespear,but I decided not to let that put me off watching the film.

There seems to be no real story worth following,the characters are all deep thinkers and extremely intelligent,oh,and dont forget extremely Fuck*ing Boring !

There are some good actors in this flick,this was the only reason I ventured any were near it in the first place,Ralph Fiennes(Lead and Director) plays an arsehole who has swallowed William Shakespears whole collection and is regurgitating it throughout most of this film.

Some people(Ralphs family) have started their own bloggs campaigning that the distribution was poor for this movie,hence the reason it wasn’t a success,add to the fact that I would rather stick forks into my eyes, than see it again,is the reason nobody wanted to foot the bill to get this movie out there.




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