Man City – The most famous ending to a Premier league (May 2012)

The premier league continues to prove once again that it is the most entertaining league in the world.

With seconds remaining on the clock,Man City managed to win the Premier league, in what can only be described as the most famous league win of all time!

I can’t imagine how I would feel If I supported City,the roller coaster of ”OH NO” here we go again must have been too much for many wearing a blue shirt,but for Man utd to be walking round the Stadium of light, anticipating a celebration,not knowing if they had just won or lost the league was priceless.

When the game looked lost,Mancini was literally having a nervous breakdown on the side lines,no more, Mr Cool,he turned into a fan,his emotions were genuine,his composure was left in the dressing room,which considering how it ended,only makes this day even more satisfying,Mancini will live long in City hearts for his show today,and I’m sure the first Premier league crown in forty odd years will not harm his reputation, on the blue side of the city anyway.


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