Obama jokes around with Beckham and Keane

President Obama jokes around with Robbie Keane and David Beckham,as he congratulates the L.A team.

Obama seems to be a little lost when telling jokes about age and under pants,at no point does he seem to know were Beckham or Keane are,as he looks in the opposite direction each time he refers to them.

All that being said,Obama is a good public speaker and is such an improvement on the previous president,from a UK perspective anyway.


3 thoughts on “Obama jokes around with Beckham and Keane”

  1. He’s a great speaker. It’s too bad he makes some of the most boneheaded decisions, though. He could have been a great President. He’s ended up terrifyingly mediocre. He’ll get reelected simply because we have no one else who can do a better job than he is doing that can get elected. I think he’s an alright guy.

  2. I dont follow US politics closely,but I would think anybody would have a hard job dealing with that banking crisis,our gov’ in the UK has only made huge cuts to every service throughout the country which makes England a very misrable place to be right now

  3. We’re on our way to doing that same thing. We are going to end up like places like Greece if we’re not careful. It’s definitely a hard job, but Obama has not stopped the spending, sadly. Which is why we continue to dig the hole a little deeper each quarter. It’s pretty miserable here at a 21% real jobless rate. I hate to see England in that predicament too.:(

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