Hotel K – True Bali Prison stories (Book review)

I love true stories involving people caught behind bars,there is something captivating about someone having their freedom taken away,then being forced to share their time with people that society deem unacceptable.

Hotel K is different from most books, as it follows several characters around within the prison,to verify stories the lady writing the book(Kathryn Bonella) has asked several inmates about certain situations to make sure they all start and ended the same way to gain the factual truth behind the legend.

As well as the inmates doing time for cutting people’s heads off,the majority of the prisoners are inside for drugs,the most eye opening theme throughout the book is the corruption that goes on within and outside of the walls.

Most of the books I have read on this subject in the past have dealt with the struggles of one person,this book is unique because of the perspectives of the different inmates,they are all quoted about their feeling and thoughts about their time there.

An engrossing read.



Note : The Bali Bombers are inside while this author reports from the prison.


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