Steve Kean calls Big Sam a crook (Youtube video)

Steve Kean has hit a new low,in the following video taken at the start of the season,he is quoted as saying the following –

*Fuck Sam*

*I worked my balls off for Sam and he had a go at me! *

*When asked why Sam left,Steve Kean responds with.. because he’s a fucking crook! *

Sam has stated that he will let his solicitor deal with Steve Kean and his remarks.


9 thoughts on “Steve Kean calls Big Sam a crook (Youtube video)”

  1. Well, we seem to be their bogey team,If we score first on Saturday I will relax,I dont fancy our chances if we have to chase them,that said we should walk it on paper

  2. It’s West Ham we’re talking about we dont walk it ahahaha! lol and i wont be relaxed till that final whistle goes and we’ve won because even with a goal up we’ll be defending like hell till whistle goes and you know what we’re like defending in last minute of the game haha.

  3. haha same here man UP THE HAMMERS!!!! I’ll be writing about it if we win 🙂 might if we lose 😦 Apparently we’ve got a new away kit and will be wearing it that day (unreliable sources) really want to see it!

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