Weekend: Movie Review

When all the main stream has been watched and the independent that has been recommended. Sometimes you just have to take a lucky dip and see what you pull out!!

Well this is what you get when you plummet into the unknown. It’s about a gay guy who is not fully confident about his sexuality around the straight people in his life. Until he meets the guy who will fully bring the gayness out of him.

There’s one scene in the movie that really pisses me off, and its not the first time the subject has been brought up
With gay characters. The open one goes on a rant about heterosexuals throwing their affections in their faces in public just because they can. Let’s have an understanding, most people don’t want to see straight people getting it on in the middle of the street. It’s not always about your big gay world.

Trying focusing on other characteristics rather then showing, look I’m gay and everybody should and will know it. I feel this film tackled no new issues about homosexuality, being gay is not a new phono-mina anymore. Get over it.



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