J.EDGAR (2011) Movie review – Dicaprio in fine form

Another hit movie from Clint Eastwood,does he make any bad movies ?

There are nice moments in this movie, confirming how backwards the thinking was then,Edgars mom encourages him to start smoking,”it helps with stress darling”

Di Caprio’s performance is reminiscent of the his role in Catch me if you can,not so many lies,but Hoover had to pretend to be something he wasn’t at times.

I have not seen many reviews for this film,which is odd because it’s a stylish and very entertaining movie!

I found the movie very informative and interested,I had heard of Hoover but never knew what type of person he was until now.



4 thoughts on “J.EDGAR (2011) Movie review – Dicaprio in fine form”

  1. I used to think Leonardo DiCaprio was just a pretty face…boy was I wrong. He is among the most talented actors of our time. Looking forward to this one.

  2. I agree,the movie was interesting and entertaining,I dont think there was much coverage in the UK interms of advertising or interviews for it,shame,great movie,thanks for posting

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