Why do song writers lose the ability to write songs the older they get ? (Lionel Richie)

There are the odd exception’s to the rule,but I have always found it strange how an artist can produce albums of hit songs for years,then one day they wake up, and the ability leaves them.

Take Lionel Richie,love or hate him,he has written some of the most memorable songs which has touched most Weddings or just peoples heart when falling in or out of love.

Since 1994 he has failed  to produce anything that would compare to his hits from the 80’s,back in his prime he wrote songs for the biggest artist’s, and also produced, We are the World with Michael Jackson.

I love Lionel,but for the last twenty years he has been playing the same songs on each tour and re-releasing the same old songs in a different format’s,this year he decided to take all of his old hits and add a country vibe,whats next,a reggae version ?

I heard that the best songs are written and inspired by the writers in their youth, with all their dreams and aspirations ahead of them,which I suppose would explain the downward quality of their music when they have been round the block a few times, experienced a few divorces and breakdowns.

One interesting thing with Lionel,he used a music producer named –  James Anthony Carmichael.

The Commodores were quick to credit Carmichael, along with engineer Cal Harris,  for having a crucial role in their success. After seeing Carmichael work with the Jackson 5 and other  artists on Motown, the group approached him about producing them.

When Lionel left the Commodores,he took Carmichael with him,they then went on to produce some of biggest hits to date,for some reason in the late 80’s the pair stopped working together,the hits have since dried up for Lionel,this could be an age thing,but I would love to know the truth of why the pair who obviously wrote gold together decided to put a stop to their relationship.
You can take this argument and base it on most recording artists,to quote Trainspotting’s Sick Boy…

You listen to their new stuff and try to enjoy it,but deep down you know its SHITE!



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