Fair play to West Ham and BIG Sam,Blackpool 1 – West Ham 2 play off final

Im a West Ham fan,the last two hours has been a nervous adventure.

By hook and by crook we made it,into the Premiership,West Ham did not play well today,we were professional,we were committed,but we did’nt play well.

Below – West Ham fan – Russel Brand and Trevor Brooking.

With regards to Big Sam,this has been his philosophy throughout this year,Win without style,Win without no substitution.

For the future I hope Sam treats the West Ham squad like a new army recruit,I think WH have spent last season stripping the bullshit,strip the excuses,now they have made the grade and qualified for the Premier league,next season I just hope Big Sam brings in some players that are comfortable with standard and have experience within the league,when he was at Bolton he brought in the likes of Jay Jay Okocha.

West Ham would be happy winning games,as long as we have the odd player that can create something special,West Ham love that type of player,we have enjoyed Dicanio,Bishop,JCole within the last ten years.

It will not be an easy job,but I have full confidence that BIG Sam will deliver.

Congratulations to everyone who has any connection to the club today ….

IM FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For now,as a fan,I am over the moon,West Ham and the whole team deserve many virtual pints from myself and all the West Ham fans around,if there are few West Ham fans not affected by the recession then please buy real pints for the West Ham team and management over the next few months …..

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