The Iron Lady

US theatrical film poster

I’m not a fan of Thatcher and never will be. Sure I respect her as a human for the fight she had to put up to get where she got. Even as a child I remember the hardship she coursed for the common people. This movie makes her out go be some sort of government hero? Bollocks to that, people have short memories, either that or the director is a conservative follower.

There is not enough words that can describe Meryl Streep in my opinion, everything she does is just electrifying, her screen presence alway has me captivated. I sure am not going to hold it against her for playing this villain.

Jim Broadbent is also needing of a mention here. He brings a screen presence that leaves a smile on your face. They didn’t choose him to be Denis for his similar looks that’s for sure, but his acting skill are unquestionably flawless.

The movie as whole just did not work for me though. These type of biographies rarely do, because the persons they follow through their achievements in life seem to be short-changed. 12 years is crammed into 1 hour 40 minutes, you don’t really get a clear understanding of the lady herself. I’m not sure why they thought her most important chapter was her dementia.

I did enjoy the track down memory lane, I say enjoy “half heartily” because I hated the 80’s. Bad clothes, bad hair, bad food, etc etc.

A conservative 6/10

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