Who should West Ham sign,and who should they let go – (Transfers)

It felt like only yesterday when Whufc confirmed their place back in the big time,with thoughts already racing to next season,I’m wondering who we should let go,and who be our realistic transfer targets…


Winston Reid – He has done ok in this division,but like his first time in the Prem,he got caught out,and was found lacking in his mental train of thought – I think we could sell for £3M

A.Faye – Another guy who has just been OK,at 34 he is not getting any quicker – Free transfer out

J.Faubert – At 28,the former French international still has some transfer value,on his day,he is great,that day isn’t that often,time to cash in. Worth £3M

J.Carew – Complete waste of space,no explanation needed – Free transfer out

My transfer targets –

Loan deal for the following –

Stefan Savic – Man City – He is big and strong,he has not really had a good run in the city side,I think he is a confidence player that could shore us up at the back.

Adam Johnson – This would be hard I admit,but we could guarantee him first team football and the WH fans would love his dribbling runs – Another loan deal.

Shaun Wright-Phillips – He was on the bench a lot for QPR,I still think if he plays each week he would delight the Upton park crowd with his raw pace and long shooting – £4M

Nathan Redmond – 18 years old.One for the future,every Blues fan I know reckons this guy is a future superstar,he has some decent pace and skill to match,worth a gamble £5M.

Grant Holt – Would hold the pull up well and contribute in getting the goals,I think the WH fans would love his work rate as well.


3 thoughts on “Who should West Ham sign,and who should they let go – (Transfers)”

  1. Carew & Faubert deffo should go, don’t want them anymore!
    Don’t want shaun WP because he’s crap this season and yea just dont want him.
    Faye & Reid i think have been the back bone of our defence apart from Tomkins
    We should go for Drogba if chelsea are stupid enough not to give him a new contract.
    Think we should sign Thomas Ince because even though it’s ‘Ince’ he can only get better
    If only we’d have kept hold of Victor Obinna he was only 23-24 and he was awesome when he got played and he’s got the twists and turns of Okocha’s style of play.

    I don’t know who we could sign to be honest no one over 30 unless Drogba but we need young, in your face, game changer’s 🙂

  2. I agree about Ince,but I dont think it would happen,im sure his Dad would something to tell him.

    I liked Obinna but im not sure he knew what he was doing half the time.

    Key signings for me would be at centre half,a tough tackling midfielder,and a decent striker,would love Drogba but I cant see him coming to us after winning the Champions league,he may come to us in around three years!:)

  3. Yeah don’t think his dad would be happy but could be a way of redeeming his dad you know? like he’ll come to west ham to watch his son and somehow just be ok with the fans lol

    Obinna was just brought on at the most ridiculous times just weren’t on long enough to make an impact but thats avram for ya lol

    We need more nolan’s because he’s just beast he can take a knock (HE’s Like a rugby player not a tart) and he gives his all.

    Yeah Drogba is like a hit and hope kind of thing lol
    but yea soon as he cant run he’ll come to us haha!

    We need another Demba Ba or something we just need a prolific goal scorer for once, im still happy with Cole though

    Nicky Maynard and Baldock will be beast but need more games, like if we could give them the chance in like the cup games or something 🙂

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