Baptiste spurts sour grapes about West Ham’s 8ft players

A Baptiste interview on the BBC below does not show him in a good light,he moans about West Ham’s style of play,states that he woudn’t get in our side because he is not tall enough,and claims all we do is hoof it,well we hoofed ten goals against Blackpool this season over three games,while they scored two against us.

Blackpool did play more attractive football on Saturday but then they still lost,his team do not have the pressure and the following that goes with a club like West Ham,I think the report below is in bad taste and I hope he regrets what he has said this morning.

Report from the BBC –

Alex Baptiste has criticised West Ham’s style of football and referee Howard Webb after Blackpool’s 2-1 play-off final loss at Wembley on Saturday.

“We were the better side,” the defender told BBC Radio Lancashire. “It was embarrassing at times. They just hoof it long and hope for the best.

“It’s a foul on me for the second goal, so the ref has done us no favours.

“I suppose everyone got what they wanted. Everyone wanted West Ham to win because they’re a team from London.”

Ricardo Vaz Te’s goal three minutes from time sealed an instant return to the Premier League for the Hammers, in their first season under Sam Allardyce.

Tom Ince had earlier equalised for Blackpool after Carlton Cole opened the scoring.

Baptiste continued: “Congratulations to them, they won the game, but I know who I would rather play for.

“I wouldn’t survive in their team because I’m not tall enough. All of them are 8ft tall.”

While West Ham can expect a windfall of around £45m following their promotion to the Premier League, Ian Holloway’s side are now facing the prospect of Championship football again next season.

“If we keep the squad together, we’ll go up next year,” added Baptiste. “You’ve seen the football that we play. We’ve just got to believe in ourselves a little bit more.

“We experienced winning it two years ago and it’s a cruel game sometimes.

“Maybe we didn’t deserve it last time, but we sure as hell deserved it this time.”

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