Nobody wants the Liverpool Job – De Boer turns it down

How far has the mighty Liverpool team fallen,it was only a few years back that they were competing in Europes biggest competition and finishing second in the league to Manchester United.

Now they are manager-less,and have a team that only registered four wins at home this year.

So far Brendan Rogers(Swansea) ,Jurgen Klopp,(Dortmund) and now De Boer (Ajax) has turned them them down,all three have refused to even talk to the owners of the reds.

Year’s ago it would have been a managers highlight to manage at Anfield,now it’s more of jump down or a risk to a managers career.

Look at Roy Hodgson,he has created a team out of nothing at Fulham and West Brom,at Liverpool his face didn’t fit from day one,and he was always on a hiding to nothing,now he has the top job in football managing England.

Before the club could offer the temptation of the Champions league and from name alone they could attract the best players,those days are long gone,and with teams such as Tottenham and Arsenal improving each year,they will continue to fight it out with the mid-table teams.


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