The Essence store scam – I got my money back

I just seen a show on TV reporting that the Essence store scam is still continuing,Dominic Littlewood has a show highlighting companies or people that rip consumers off.

Last year I purchased one bottle perfume from the company,they sent me a fake of bottle or perfume six weeks later,they also took three payments from my card for the one item I agreed to buy.

When I emailed them and tried calling or I got was badly written emails explaining they are looking into it.

The website looked legit,since looking into the site,I found tons of bad reviews,from people that have had the same done to them.

I contacted every watch dog authority going,as they are based in Bulgaria there was nothing they could do.

They advertised fake reviews about themself on such sites as – The Review centre,pretending to be customers who are delighted with the service and product.

After three months of no response from Essence, I decided to play them at their own game.

I created several videos on Youtube with the title Essence store rip off and Essence store scam and so on

Within a few weeks I had over a thousand hits on the video’s explaining what had happend to me, and using all the information I had gathered on the company,I even used their website image and logo.

Within a few weeks the boss of Essence store,I guy name Michael,contacted me and offered me a full refund as long as I took my video down,he gave me a full refund,and then he made Youtube take it down as I had used his logo in a negative reference.(If you wish to the same as me,do so without their logo,just confirm their website address on your video)

When you create a video on Youtube it shows up on google’s random search as well,I have atleast 30 people contact me,thanking me as they were about to purchase from Essence,I also had a lot more than 30 people contact me to tell me they wish they had seen my video before they purchased.

My bank were only willing to refund one payment and not the other two that were taken from my debit card,I understand it’s easier if you pay by Creditcard.

I would advise anyone who has had their money stolen by this company to do the same as me,all you need to do it use the free movie maker your computer has,use some pictures describing what happend and write on each page the service and end result you have witnessed,I had just left it I would have been £150 down.

Hope this helps


2 thoughts on “The Essence store scam – I got my money back”

  1. I saw your superb video and I wondered what had happened when it went It now seems Essence store has gone I expect they will start up again under another name !

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