Dubai smoking room – A peak at what hell might look like….

I quit smoking a few years ago but I still remember how enjoyable that first smoke was when I travelled to Asia via Dubai,or should have been,the flight time from the UK to Dubai is around 8 hours, a two-hour wait, then another 7 hours onto Asia.

After walking for what seems like twenty minutes,you finally get through customs,I was always dying for a smoke,they have one million shops to buy what seems to me to be over priced goods,excluding the booze and cigarettes.

(When taking photo’s of this room I was quickly shouted at my one of the security guys,I was told it was a security risk to take photo’s of the smoke room,I don’t think they had anything to worry about,any terrorist would not be that brave to gain entry to the airport via the smoke room from hell)

After passing the shopping centre section you are then on quest to find your holy gate,before this you need a smoke, like a blind Indiana Jones wandering around looking for the smoke of doom,there are several restaurants,which all have a smoking sections,the only catch is you have to spend at least $10 each before being allowed in there,I refused to do this on principal,I have just had several drinks and food for free on my flight over,the last thing I want to do is spend $10 on food and drink that I do not want or need,so what are my choices,I ask one of the many airport staff hanging around, as to where is the FREE smoking room,he points me in the direction and tells me its a 15minute walk,I thought he was joking,HE WASN’T!

As I arrived I was expecting some luxury room,gushing fan extraction units all around you,instead it looked like the departure lounge for hell,at one point there must have been 20 people all crammed into 8 x 8 room,there was no need to light a smoke up,all you had to do was just walk in,take an intake of air,and you were dandy,It was painful to smoke in that room,everybody was coughing and covering their eyes.

I hate Dubai airport for this reason,they seem to design the airport for millionaire travellers with expendable cash,if I had to cash to burn I would fly direct and go from London,not hang around in hell waiting for my flight to leave, even though I don’t smoke anymore,this one element,as daft as it sounds makes me only see Dubai in a negative light,to have such high standards throughout the country and the rest of airport,then to have no regards to people not willing to pay extortionate costs to smoke their own cigarettes.

Rant over!


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