West Ham let go of 6 players

West Ham striker John Carew to leave the club

West Ham have started their clear out,after buying several players in haste to gain promotion,the following players are deemed not good enough or too old,John carew fit’s into both brackets,if there was a third I would also include him in the lazy section.

Julian Faubert is another player who probably had the best ever season for us last year,his problems seem to be desire and motivation,he has been talking about returning to France from the first day he arrived.

Abdoulaye Faye,I do like him,but age is not just a number when you witness some of the games Faye has played this year.

Papa Bouba Dioup,I half want him to stay because I enjoy saying his name,but for the good of the team it’s probably best he goes,the man known as the wardrobe has lost his mobility which means he commits a lot of fouls.

Frank Nouble,Showed a lot of promise,but I think he needs to sign for a good Championship team and be given a run,he is big strong and powerful but he does share the touch of a Parkinson’s sufferer,hopefully this will improve if given a run in a team each week.

Olly Lee,I have been hearing for the last few years that Rob Lee’s kid was the next best thing,everybody from the youth set up was bragging that he could be the next Joe Cole,or the next …Rob Lee! he ‘s been on loan to several teams,and none of them seen to impressed with him,I don’t know if he is a bit lightweight but that he built up from a young age to then be dropped.



7 thoughts on “West Ham let go of 6 players”

  1. I wish Faye and Diop stayed man, Diop was amazing till he got injured and Faye was a BEAST in Defence. Just wonder who we’ll be getting in but majority of these are positive moves in my book šŸ™‚

  2. Well like all the pundits are saying,we have a really strong spine,if the two Davids do spend Ā£20Million + get a few decent loans in we should be fine for a top 12 finish next year.

  3. yeah true, I don’t think west ham fans will be over joyed with certain players we sign this year but they have to think realistically, if we finish in top 10 or 12 we can then expand and go for higher rated players but one thing west ham fans have lacked this season is patience, but i don’t particularly like that we’re trying to sign acouple of wolves players who aren’t going to help our staying up this season you know what i mean thats my only concern but then again I did just say we’ve got to be realistic aha šŸ™‚

  4. Gotta disagree with you on Jarvis,he has got skill and even when Wolves wer being smashed each week,Jarvis would still be scoring and creating the goals for them,I think he could be the new Matty Holmes for us

  5. fair doo’s man, I’d just rather go for Rochina, hoilett, Eagles, Yakubu, Agbonlahor, Darren Bent, Miyachi people like that you know I feel that there underated at times and they wont want to play in championship ;P

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