Why are we attracted to the bad in people ?

After a debate with a friend I thought it was worth a post,why are we so interested in the bad in people,from an early age society teaches us to be moral and live your life as an upstanding person.

This makes sense,but there seems to be an animal instinct in all of us who enjoy to see things that are immoral,the biggest pay per view event throughout the year, is Boxing and UFC ,if you turn on your TV’s the channels are filled with car jackers being chased down the streets,delinquents running from the police and so on,is this just bad TV programming or do we as humans crave what is deemed wrong ? has society become too much of nanny state,are there too many rules to abide to,too many people being sued, which has made the average person crave something different,if that be viewing vicariously via people living life without a care for societies rules or people being cruel to each other.

These shows and events are nothing new,but the amount of them available today seems to have increased, which begs the question,has our need to see these things increased,and if so,why ?



5 thoughts on “Why are we attracted to the bad in people ?”

  1. Yes, society teaches us to be moral, but everyone has a darker side. I don’t exactly mean that everyone secretly wants to murder people, but I do think everyone has somewhat of a Mr. Hyde inside of them. Because of society, so many people will never be “bad.” Society puts a high premium on being “good.” But this dark side needs to be expressed somehow, whether its writing emo poetry, listening to death metal, cussing out some innocent stranger for no reason, or perhaps watching movies and television shows featuring bad characters as a way for people to vicariously express their own dark side.

  2. I agree,I also just thought of the exception to the rule,road rage,I have some relatives that are so polite all of the time,when they get behind the wheel and someone cuts them up,they turn into a UK gangster for five minutes!

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