The Olympic flame comes rolling through my local town in Kidderminster….

The whole of the UK has been taken on a wave of Olympic fever,today it was Kidderminster’s turn,as thousands of people hung around the streets waiting to see a glimpse of the flame before it heads to east London.

As all the crowd waited in anticipation several sponsored floats came past,the cheers circulated all around me, a few cheesy actors dancing around the floats,high fiving thin air,they passed,the traffic went back to normal,and then cries of,is that it? Echoed around me,where is the flame,angry parents started to huff and puff…..

After five minutes of disgruntled sighs,word came down the line that the flame was on its way,the cheers begin again,several police motorbikes cruised past,and then the flame came into view,it was connected to a lady in a wheel chair,the lady was trying her best to smile,but with her facing thousands of eyes, all on her, and her wheel chair,you could see the nerves kick in,I had sympathy for the young lady as I over heard people around be commentating,”You would have thought she would have atleast smiled ” and then ” why did we not have a runner”

Some people are never happy ! 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Olympic flame comes rolling through my local town in Kidderminster….”

  1. I wouldn’t be smiling either going through a kiddy crowd. Not only does she have to worry about the scag heads pinching a light, she gotta worry about thieving c##ts nicking her wheels:)

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