Carnage (2011) Movie review – Good show,poor subject

When seeing Polanski’s name in the credits I was immediately put off,ref’ his child sex cases,but when I see John C Rileys name I relax a little,I tell myself that I’m sure Polanski was cleared at court,and just like Michael Jackson fans I go back to enjoying the music.

when you have a movie that doesn’t leave the room,you have to have some powerful writing,films such as 12 angry men and Rope pull this off,this movie tries hard but doesn’t meet the mark.

That said there is still something enjoyable about this movie,the performance’s by all four stars is top notch.

I really enjoyed the fact that the couple looked like they were leaving several times,it was a clever trick that grabs your attention and slightly agitates you at the same time.

The story doesn’t change enough to make this interesting enough though,they keep going over old ground which becomes frustrating after a while,the focus of the subject is based around their children having a fight, If the subject had been a bit tastier they may have pulled this off,an affair,a murder….

Overall it was disappointing,but I enjoyed this brave attempt,just wish they had chosen a stronger subject.



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