Mad men – first series review – Its so sexist that it comes off as a modern day comedy.

I have heard some rave reviews recently about this show,as there is no new Breaking bad or Walk dead to watch, I decided to give it a go….

Well for those of you in the dark,its about an advertising firm who only employ sexist male sales people,at first when watching,it felt like a Ricky Gervais comedy,if you were a new secretary starting at this firm based in the fifties in New York, you would become prime target for the sales staffs sexual needs.

Gone,are the days of sexual harassment,or should I say, that day hadn’t been invented yet,one thing that is interesting, in this series,is the journey each character goes on,there is no moral code,no one seems to blow the whistle when people are being treated badly or someone is being stabbed in the back,matching with the time,that you do not grass or tittle tattle on people as it wasn’t the done thing.

When a young lady becomes the centre of attention,she is told to enjoy the attention while she has it,as she is not that pretty,as well as this being true,the series catches a time and moment very well,a time were it was more acceptable to look like a successful person,rather than actually be one,or pretend to be happy when your not,it’s refreshing as so many people love to moan about their problems today,I would advise watching Mad men,for those people who think modern life is hard,i’m sure this series will make you feel more fortunate.

Side note – The amount of cigarettes smoked in this show makes you feel that you are smoking,it seems that every three seconds a smoke is being lit,please don’t watch this show if you are trying to quit.



2 thoughts on “Mad men – first series review – Its so sexist that it comes off as a modern day comedy.”

  1. That is really the way it used to be. Even in the 80’s there was still cigarette and cigar smoking as well as rampant sexism going on in the offices of Fortune 100 companies. Cocktails at lunch was the norm.

    It is amazing how things have changed (at least on the surface). People were more free then than now, but they didn’t have cameras everywhere recording every move and facial expression, and logging it into a centralized database.

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