Flight of the Pheonix(2004) Movie review – Very underrated movie

This Movie is very underrated,its a remake of a film of the same title which was made in 1965.

A group of oil workers on their way home crash into the desert,with limited supplies and no contact to the outside world the mind games and the adventure begins.

Dennis Quaid becomes the leader of the group,and plays this part perfectly with a laid back,fuck you attitude!

This movie would have been OK but it gets an upgrade because my favourite actor puts in a marvelous performance,Giovanni Ribisi plays a quirky,weird little man,who emotionally pulls the heart strings of everyone in the movie as well as the audience,Ribisi very rarely turns up in a bad movie and this is not the exception.

As the film goes on, you feel empathy for most of the cast,you want them to escape,you are so caught up in the drama that unfolds,that when the movie ends you wish it could just carry on,this in my book is a sign of a good movie,it leaves you wanting more.




4 thoughts on “Flight of the Pheonix(2004) Movie review – Very underrated movie”

  1. I loved this movie!! It was playing on AMC a couple of weeks ago and I watched it again. It never gets old for me!

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