My Hong Kong trip – 2011

My Hong Kong trip report from 2011.
Whenever I thought about going to Hong Kong as a kid there was always the same image’s that came to mind.The business district full of large expansive skyline,Chinese Food and … Bruce Lee.

The first thing I noticed was the sweet smell of Chinese food being cooked in the streets.
Having arrived in the evening I was concerned about wandering around in a city that I didn’t know.
A game of death ? More like a nice stroll in the park in Hong Kong’s case.
Hong Kong Police
The general police in other Asian countries were lets say,less than helpful that’s why it was a refreshing change to find many Local Hong Kong police patrolling the street’s and were happy to help with directions and spoke perfect English.
This was in stark contrast to the Thai police who were more interested in getting drunk in their local karaoke bar 
Thai police
The nightly light show next to Star Ferry’s pier ,Normally starts around 8pm
Britan was the Big Boss of Hong Kong up until 1997
Rush hour, Every hour..
As I walked down the streets it was pleasant not be hassled by taxi touts or people trying to drag you into their Bars or sell you things.
Most of the locals that I came across seem to be content to go about their daily routine with a million other commuters walking along side them,If ever they bumped into each other they would both apologise strongly, then move on.If you asked the locals for help they were generally polite without being over friendly in my experience,I suppose other countries would say the same about us Brits.
The smiles were in short supply but as the weather resembled England’s I can see why their facial expressions matched

The amazing views from the cable cars.
As a positive I would say the country is very well run, The English would be proud to lay claim to it today. As a downside it can be reasonably expensive, with a very small hotel room costing you
£150.00 a night.If your happy to go with the flow you can stay at the hostels for £20.00 a night
Most Restaurants don’t serve alcohol,If your on the health vibe and don’t wont to be tempted maybe this is a good thing,If your not then make sure you check with the waitress before getting comfortable in their premises,I do like to enjoy the local Asian beer’s, but if I had left the venue on finding out they do not serve beer, I think my partners suspicions of me becoming an alcoholic could have been raised.

Most bars seem to charge around £4/5 for a pint. (Do look out for the many happy hours that they have advertised.) You will find a lot of the backpackers who are on a budget going to buy their drinks from the local 7/11 and then standing outside the bars to create their very own street party
The best area that was recommended to us by most locals and expats was Lan Kwai Fong.
Enter the Dance…..
After a hard day of walking round sight seeing whats better than kicking your feet up onto
a bar stool and enjoying the local nightlife come alive around you.
Many tourists and locals would be chatting one minute and then bursting into a very dramatic dance the next,If you manage to build up enough courage maybe you could try dancing in the streets like the crowd below.

The Hong Kong peak –
You can catch this tram up to the top of the peak which is a steady if not comfortable 15minutes.
The Peak Tram first started operating in 1888.
When you reach the top of the Peak you get this amazing view where you can take hundreds of your own photo’s or pay one of the several professional photographers to do it for you.
After you take in the sights make sure you get your picture taken on the roof in the say I love you statue and add yourself and your partners/family or friends name to the love tree.
 I look forward to going back …..

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