Norway v England – May 26th 2012 – Roys new England begins here…..

Well Englands new start under Roy Hodgson begins here,I was not happy when I heard that Roy was getting the job over Harry, but now he’s in charge I will support England and in turn support Roy.

On the positive side its been nice to see an English man doing the press conferences without using a translator,although if you read some tabloid papers you could be fooled into thinking he needs one.

I hope England play well tonight,and I hope that with all the talk of low expectations,due to the manager only having weeks to prepare,takes the pressure off the team and lets them enjoy it for the first time in a while.

Would I love it if we played like Brazil ? of course, but I would instead enjoy a Chelsea type of performance at this years Euro’s,the defence that stopped Barcelona and B’Munich is practically England’s back four,I’m sure Roy will have built this strength into his tactics for the tournament.

For tonight’s game England will be playing with Gerrard and Parker in the middle which sounds exciting,while Andy Carrol will get his first major start for his country ahead of Euro 2012,I have a feeling this could be Carrols moment,only time will tell,but if he brings the form he left Liverpool with, he will have half a chance of being a success this summer!



2 thoughts on “Norway v England – May 26th 2012 – Roys new England begins here…..”

  1. Hopefully Carroll will be a success, however given that we have 3 guaranteed games and Rooney is missing for 2 of them and still bookies favorite to be top goalscorer it doesn’t say much for Carroll!

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