Get The Gringo/How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Movie Review

I think they should have just stuck to one tittle!! How I tried to make my come back!!

The movie opens with a car chase, two guys have just pulled of a robbery. While being chased down by US border patrol the gringo decides crashing his car through the barrier into mexico is his best option. With a bag full of money and a semi conscious gringo, the Mexican border patrols greed takes the case from under the Yanks noses.

Hauled straight to the waiting pen the gringo is fearless in the face off is Mexican in mates, it’s not long before he encounters his first altercation. As he try’s to show he is someone not to be messed with, he is taking to prison, where the prisoners run the prison. The guards just let them do as they will, not without profit.

The gringo is soon making himself at home, making money and making new enemies. It’s not to long before his luck runs out and he is in debt with the bad guys,and he is asked to do jobs against his will. As always he has a secondary plan.

There are many good things about this movie, Mel’s screenplay is excellent it shows just how good he is at writing orignal scripts. The director Adrian Grunberg does a fine job of getting the action to the screen. The Special effects in one scene are one of the best ive seen for a long time, their is a shot out between two gangs and the bullets entry and exit wounds are graphically awesome.

The down side to this movie for me was Mel Gibson playing the leading role. I know a lot of people think he did a good job here. To me it was sheer desperation trying to get a disillusioned public back on his side. Who care what he does in his public life? I just want to see good writing and directing from the guy. This character was Mel ten years ago, I just found it hard to believe someone of his age and flabby muscles could pull this off.  There is no chance the gingo would have survived 2 days in that prison.

7/10 mainly for the script



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