The Verdict (1982) Movie review – Very overrated – Paul Newman

Paul Newman plays a lawyer who spends more time in the bar than the court room,he drums up business at funerals by pretending to know the deceased.

Newman has the unique ability to draw the viewer in,make you forget you are watching a bit of make-believe.

When a women goes into a coma after being mistreated by two doctors,Newman has to make a choice,does he take the pay off or does he take the case to trial.

This movie should have been a classic,the movie is set up to be quite special,but just when the movie seems poised to go somewhere the director either runs out of money,or strangely seems to rush the last 30% of movie.

To go from Newman having no luck,and no idea,the director of this movie(Sidney Lumet) decides not show the viewer the turn around,finding that bit of crucial evidence,building tension and drama go out of the window,instead what follows feels like five minutes at the end were,the lawyer finds a way to win the case,the jury then make an instant decision followed by an inconclusive ending and vital information not told.

Sidney Lumet has made some great movies over the years,Dog day afternoon,12 Angry men,this movie was made years later,and for me it doesn’t come close to his former work,this movie is hugely overrated.

Very strange movie,felt at one point that I had unearthed an old classic,but it turns out to be a bit if a turkey.




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