Cheating Italians arrested for fixing football matches …. Mafia connections

Stefano Mauri

Its seems the Italian league is a script for the next Godfather movie,the Camorra crime family are heavily involved with Napoli and several other Italian teams.

Several players have been robbed by gangsters connected to the Camorra family, as well as some players having their homes burgled,the Napoli club have now taken extra security measures to protect their players.

Several players have also been arrested for being involved in match fixing,with the reported power that the Camorra family hold,these stories are being linked back to them.

This is bad news for the Italian league who were convicted of match fixing only a few years ago,this resulted in Juventus being stripped of their title and in turn being relegated.


Latest arrest report from the BBC

Lazio captain arrested in match-fixing investigation

The captain of Lazio has been arrested by police investigating claims of match-fixing.

Midfielder Stefano Mauri, 32, was held along with former Genoa midfielder Omar Milanetto, police said.

Juventus coach Antonio Conte, who just led the club to the Serie A title in his first season in charge, is among those being questioned by police.

Officers also visited Italy’s pre-Euro 2012 training camp to question left-back Domenico Criscito, 25.

Police are searching more than 30 homes, including those of players, trainers and administrators of clubs in Serie A, Serie B and lower divisions

5 thoughts on “Cheating Italians arrested for fixing football matches …. Mafia connections”

  1. Love anything involving the Italian Mafia. Always makes a good and fascinating read

  2. True….thank god!

    It’s crazy the amount of influence they have over practically everything in Naples, let alone football. Couldn’t imagine it being that way over here.

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