Once: Movie Review

The story follows a singer song writer who performs on the streets of Dublin. He is not long split with his long-term girlfriend who wanted more from life and moves to London. Fresh from heart ache he has written a bunch of new songs and is looking for fellow artist to record with.

On a of chance he meets an immigrant who is looking to get a hover mended while he is busking. Luckily he is the man to help out. While helping her out he finds out she can also sing. After some gentle persuasion she helps him out with a few track. More time he spends with her the more he falls for her, but her heart belongs to her sons father who is yet to join her in Ireland.

This Movie was realised 4 years ago, for some season Ive watch it every year and enjoy it as much as the first. For a low-budget movie, this is how it should be done. The camera work makes it feel like a real life documentary, that with the story being told makes this movie very enchanting. I love a good soundtrack in a movie and the added bonus that guy writes really heartfelt lyrics. He is that good I even have a few of his albums now, also the girl interest has a uniquely sweet voice too.  I’ve recommend this movie to a few friend over the years and they always said the same thing” yeah I enjoyed that”.




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