What would be the worst way to die ?

alkali bath 10 Absolutely Worst Ways to Die

After reading a lot of crime books recently,it got me thinking,”What would be the worst way to die”

Some may say,if you die,it really doesn’t matter,after reading Richard Kicklinski’s story,I feel different,he was made famous for killing a ton of people,one of his methods included leaving his victim’s inside an ice box,hence his nickname,THE ICE MAN!

So here is my run down of my personal dire ways to die….

3,Eaten by a shark,I’m pretty sure that most peope’s fear of sharks comes from Jaws,well and the fact they are an awesome predator,if the idea of being eaten my those razor sharp teeth was not enough,the fact that it would be a surprise attack,or even worse,he could circle you,and tease you with his fin.

2,Drowning,I know it doesn’t sound that terrible,but I think if you were stuck under water,you initial reaction would be calm,the water is not hurting you,then slowly as the pressure on your lungs becomes too much you start to swallow water and then you body slowly shuts down.

1,Being eaten alive by a crocodile,I have always had a huge fear of this animal,I think it stems from reading a travel book when I was a kid,on the way to Australia at the age of 18 I read some facts and stats about saltwater crocodiles

Quote = Statistics show that crocodiles kill roughly 3000 people a year.

The problem  with this statistic is,that when a croc kills there are no remains left so it is  a very hard statistic to answer correctly.

Apparently if you poke them in the eye they will stop chewing you up,that is, if your finger is still attached to your hand,im just glad we dont have them in the UK.


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