John Carter (2012)Movie review – Better than expected,easy to spot the faults

From the start of this movie I kind of had submarine expectations,as it seems every TV and paper had marked this down as the biggest flop ever.

The opening scenes of the movie was…. a bit weird and mixed up,a lot of flying objects and a lot of people talking mumbo jumbo,but then it kind of picked up,the movie then goes into a Indiana Jones meets Star Wars,meets Prince of Persia vibe.

On the plus side,this movie has Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad) Dominic West (The Wire) and Mark Strong(Rockin Roller)

John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is not a bad actor,when he is on screen the movie is actually quite good,watching him discover his new surroundings and skills makes this movie seem outstanding,im guessing this was the plan,its just other elements of the movie that drag it down.

On the down side,there are far too many characters in this movie that I personally didn’t care for,the writing did not give you a reason to care for them,this resulted in the majority of the cast having too much dialogue which makes the movie drag.

Overall the movie is confusing,some parts done very well,some writing just plain boring,I enjoyed what the makers were trying to do all the same.



Side note –
All of the dialogue feels like it was written by the Ultimate Warrior.


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