Paul Scholes – Autobiography – The man has nothing to say

I had been looking forward to reading this book,the man has won ten Premiership and two Champions league medals,he had played with some of the biggest stars in the world!

So you can imagine when I started reading,how disappointed I was,for a start,each page contains some writing and a full picture,this is on every page,now I love seeing some personal photos to give you an idea of what certain moments may have been like,Scholes hasn’t done that,instead he has opted for nice close up pictures of him striking a ball,running for a ball,or laughing with the ball,some of the writing on the opposite page would just be information about the picture on the opposite page – This is me hitting the ball against Blackburn,I made a sweet connection,but on this occasion the ball did not hit the back of the net –

Now this might sound like a good book,but when you take my example above,and duplicate it over a hundred pages it becomes a dull affair.

He seems to have accepted his advance from the publisher,and then realised he would have to have an opinion on things,this is the only reason I can make out,as to why the book is filled with pictures and messages from former players.

Having read through the book,the most interesting thing he came out with,was that he didn’t think much of Dennis Wise,well Scholesy,neither does the rest of the world,unfortunately this does not make a book,next time,please do your talking on the pitch.




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