Untouchables – 2011 – Simply outstanding 10/10


If you just want to be surprised by a film,please do not continue reading,just sit back and enjoy this movie as I did on my longhaul flight yesterday,

I had pre conceived ideas about this movie,from the adverts I presumed it was about a quirky helper who goes on an adventure of learning with a disabled man,there is this of course, but there is a hell of a lot more.

Francois Cluzet plays a man who is crippled from the neck down,when Phillips staff interview ideal candidates for the role of his new carer,Omar Sy (Driss) was not what they had in mind.

Before thinking its all straight shooting from here on in, the movie takes a very genuine divert to an honest road,full of pain and sarcasm,both men have their problems,both men are direct and charming without a sense of their characters being forced upon you.

The movie is based on a true story which reflects its unique feel and direction.

This movie has my seal of approval,I found it very funny and heart felt with outstanding writing throughout.




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