21 Jump Street

Two former high school students join the police force. Not what you call the best of buddies in their School days, but soon build a firm friendship while training,helping each other out with their weaknesses so they can graduate.

Their first week on the beat doesn’t go all to plan. They’re soon shipped of to jump street. Before they know it, they’re back at high school! undercover trying to bust a drug racket.

My first opinion of this movie was I wasn’t going to enjoy it. It looked like just another run of the mill slap stick comedy that are our thrown our way week in week out.” Yeah it was pretty much just that”, the characters were unbelievable as undercover agents in a high school, but that in part is the funny side of this movie, the director shows that’s it’s not believable by using reverse comedy, it doesn’t take the script to serious, it pokes fun at its self.

Jonah Hill(the sitter) plays his usual self, unlucky type virgin character. Channing Tatum (step up) obviously has to be the too cool for school character. They are not what you call a fantastic comedy matching, but it sort if works. The movie had plenty of chuckles, but not to many laugh out load moments. That’s was OK though, the movie is quite entertaining, the further it went the better is became. Jonny Depp make a cameo appearance which is rather amusing, and Ice Cube plays the moody Inspector, who for me is the best character of the lot.

A slow start that found its leg later on.




One thought on “21 Jump Street”

  1. I love movies that poke fun at themselves. The line about “the guys in charge of this stuff lack creativity and are completely out of ideas. So all they do now is recycle shit from the past and expect us all not to notice” – was great.

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