Red Tail: Worst War Movie Ever

An African-American aviation regiment are left ground while world War II goes on around them. Seen as not trust worthy enough to fly with their fellow White Americans. Colonel Bullard fights tooth and nail for his regiment to be taken seriously, finally he get what he asks for, a mission that will change the perspective of their fellow piers.

To bad it didn’t change the perspective of its fellow movie go-ewers. If you didn’t know anything about this story which I didn’t, then your not learn a great deal here. What I took away was that if you gonna teach the White folk a lesson about being racist or how racist they were back in the war. Then at-least hire some actors that can pull it off.  This whole cast put on a real how not to act clinic, this I blame the director! I shouldn’t be surprised, when I sore Cuba Gooding Jr was enlisted in the movie, you could just smell failure. Terrence Brown also seems to be going down Cuba’s avenue of picking dud movies, he was terrible.

Normally there would be someone whom you could count on to save the day, but no! with a capital N. Not even Brian Cranston (breaking bad)could change my view that this is the worst war movie ever made.




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