Roy Hodgson makes a suicidal decision

I had high hopes for England, up until hearing the news today that Gary Cahill will not be going to Euro 2012, there seemed to be a coolness to Hodgson’s team against Belgium,the football was more direct but it was effective.

I hope the Belgium player Dries Mertens, gets fined for causing a double broken jaw for the unfortunate Cahill,Gary has just won the Champions league and was in fantastic form,if there is any justice, Mertens,should be banned and fined, based upon the video evidence.

One player doesn’t make a team,but for me, Cahill was a huge part of our armour.

I was never expecting Roy to call up Rio,but to call up the Liverpool novice,Martin Kelly, is such a bad choice, I can see it backfiring on Roy badly.

Roy needed an excuse to leave Rio out,that excuse was pathetic but now its seems suicidal,we have recently crowned Premier league champion Micah Richards sat at home while Martin Kelly comes in to possibly ruin England’s chances of success with his naive defending and lack of experience.

I truly hope I’m wrong,but if the wanker we all know as Terry goes down injured,which is a high possibility we are in big trouble at the back,I can only presume that Richards has annoyed Roy and the other previous managers as he is outstanding at right back and centre half,but for some reason he is always left out of the squad,to not be in the team is one thing,but to not include him in the squad is suicide.


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