The Raid: The Movie Raids Your Mind of Action

The Raid comes with great expectations, the reviews have overwhelmed, and the trailers looked immense. You know these days what comes with great expectations, normally great disappointment with action movies. The trailers to action movies normally turn out to be better than the movie itself.

So the movies starts and I wait with bated breath for this supposedly adrenaline packed action feast.

You know when you have read the reviews and there all glowing, you can not find a score under 8/10. You want to pick a fault and not jump on the band wagon. “Well I can’t”, I am not only jumping on the wagon I am taking control of the horses.

The movie starts with a SWAT team traveling in their armored vehicle towards their destination, the destination being a high-rise apartment building full of loathsome bad guys whom are controlled by their landlord. The SWAT team’s job is to crack each floor without being spotting. The Raid starts of well, but one mistake soon has the team on the back foot.

Right from the get go this movie takes you along with the SWAT team, you are totally engrossed in their mission, all your missing is you wearing uniform. The movie has every bit of action criteria you ever needed in an action movie. The silent assassinations, intense gun wars, close encounter knife battle and for me the epic dance of martial arts.

I heard that there will be a Raid 2, not so sure this is the best move. Gareth Evans (director) did a fantastic job on a tight budget. It’s the easy option to make number 2; if it doesn’t, it tarnish’s the first part, but that’s only my opinion.


Hands off Hollywood, create your own original ideas.



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