Bordertown (2006) Movie review – Can somebody stop Jennifer Lopez making movies

I’m in a foreign country,and as is with foreign TV,you don’t get a lot of choice.

This was a very painful movie to watch,the start is interesting,a young lady is kidnapped and raped by a gang in Mexico,this is a common occurrence which is being swept under the political carpet.

My interest immediately dropped when Jennifer Lopez arrived on the screen,I find her acting generic,this movie had the material to make an interesting film,instead I couldn’t spot the difference between the Lopez’s character in Money train were she plays a cops love interest to this movie were she plays a hard nosed reporter trying to save lives.

She always seems to have this Jenny from the Block attitude which frankly is becoming tiresome,her showing in this flick is as disingenuous as her comments on the US X Factor.

The movie is based loosely on true events,Martin Sheen plays a bit part as her newspaper boss,but he can do nothing to stop the stink coming off Lopez’s performance and her in ability to show true emotion on screen.


The director should have gone for a talented unknown for the part.


4 thoughts on “Bordertown (2006) Movie review – Can somebody stop Jennifer Lopez making movies”

  1. The title of this movie made me laugh so hard! I have always said the same thing. I don’t know who would cast her. Her characters are always the same just like you said with the “attitude.” I think the only movie she was okay in was Jack with Robin Williams just because she wasn’t in it that much.

  2. You are being very nice to J-Lo. She should stay away from the film industry for sure. But as long as someone is paying, she won’t go anywhere…

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