The racists start early at the Holland training camp – Euro 2012

This years Euros seems to be overshadowed by Racist locals before a ball has even been kicked,the dutch black players were treated to monkey chants while they treated the public to a training session.

It seems the organisers,Uefa, are determined to hide these reports rather than actually deal with the problem,I predict that Platini will resign by the end of this years Euros unless his federation change their view point.

The Guardian report –

Euro 2012 was plunged into its first racism controversy after the black players in the Holland squad were subjected to monkey chants during an open practice session in the same city where England will also invite the public to watch them train on Friday.

Several hundred people targeted players such as Nigel de Jong and Gregory van der Wiel when 25,000 spectators attended the Dutch practice session at the Stadion Miejski, the home of Wisla Krakow.

The players, on the instructions of the captain, Mark van Bommel, responded by moving their training drills to the other side of the ground. “It is a real disgrace especially after getting back from Auschwitz [the Dutch squad had visited the concentration camp on Wednesday] that you are confronted with this,” Van Bommel said. “We will take it up with Uefa and if it happens at a match we will talk to the referee and ask him to take us off the field.”

The problems occurred as the players began the session by jogging a lap of the pitch only to be greeted at one end of the stadium with monkey noises and loud jeers. On the second circuit, they were even louder and it was then the players decided not to go around again. “At least now we know what we can encounter,” the Holland coach, Bert van Marwijk, said with heavy cynicism. “Very atmospheric.”

Uefa subsequently tried to deny that it was racially motivated, saying they had checked with the Dutch squad and had been told it was not thought to be of that nature. Instead, the official line is that a small part of the crowd was protesting about the fact that Krakow had not been made one of the host cities. Another theory that has been put forward is that Wisla’s supporters did not want their stadium being used by anyone but their own club and were simply booing the Dutch players.

Van Bommel, however, responded angrily when it was put to him not everyone had heard monkey noises. “You need to open your ears,” he said. “If you did hear it, and don’t want to hear it, that is even worse.”

Privately, the midfielder is understood to be unhappy that the authorities are not treating the issue more seriously, but the incident is still threatening to be a major embarrassment for Uefa, coming before a ball has even been kicked, and will increase the scrutiny on Poland’s supporters when the tournament opens with the co-hosts playing Greece in Warsaw on Friday.

The Polish authorities have been eager to dispel the sense that the backdrop to this tournament will have racism at its centre, and the country’s prime minister, Donald Tusk, went through an elaborate public relations exercise on Thursday to drive home the point. Tusk was accompanied by a television crew on a 90-mile journey to Lodz to dine with Poland’s first black parliamentarian, John Godson, and his family, including relatives who had flown in from Nigeria. The idea was to show the improvements both in Poland’s road network and acceptance of different races.

Godson criticised the BBC Panorama documentary Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate that had warned racism would be rife. He argued that Poland was a “hospitable and tolerant country” while Tusk wore a badge that said “Welcome” and said he was convinced there would be no problems: “I very warmly invite all English people. You will definitely not encounter anything unpleasant here.”

Panorama had focused on the racist elements in the support of Krakow’s two major clubs, Wisla and Cracovia, as well as highlighting the seriousness of the problem in Ukraine. Michel Platini, the Uefa president, has subsequently said the referees have been empowered to take teams off the pitch if there are serious issues – but added that any player who walked off without permission would be booked.

The families of two of England’s black players, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott, have already decided against travelling to the tournament because of the potential problems. England are based in Krakow, along with the Netherlands and Italy squads, and will allow the public to watch Friday’s practice session at Hutnik stadium on the outskirts of the city.


8 thoughts on “The racists start early at the Holland training camp – Euro 2012”

  1. First of all, I have to thank you for covering footie on your blog. I am a sad, sad American, who can’t find footie games on my TV and I love the game. Go Scotland. Anyway, usually (being the sad, uncultured, American that I am) when I think racism, I think America because we do have a LOT of it. I don’t normally think of European countries. I feel badly for those players for having to endure that.

  2. Not everyone hates a America,I just really wish you hadn’t renamed our sport.I think there is a huge amount of planning going on behind the scenes with the Euros,I’m talking about the racist attacks and recruitment of young uneducated locals who will try to make a name for themselves,thanks for your comments.

  3. In which way? Calling it Soccer or Footie? I’m assuming you mean when Americans call it Soccer, it wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I even discovered that “soccer” in Europe was actually “football”. I don’t understand why we renamed it either, frankly. I’m sure we could have come up with several other names for American Football that would have been more appropriate since ours really has almost nothing to do with the foot contact with the ball. /shrug

  4. Dont worry I am not blaming you personally,I just find it strange that a country comes across a game that the rest of the world has a name for,and then just decides to change it and hope no one else notices or worse still, get everyone else to start using this new name,if anyone ever refers to football as soccer I know that person has been a fan around 5 minutes,so what club team do follow ? as I’m guessing you have Scottish roots from you previous comments.

  5. Celtic and Aberdeen. I have Scottish ancestry, but I don’t really follow them for that reason I don’t think. Aberdeen was the first football club from Europe that I watched 15 years ago. My younger two sons have both played the game, although not by the European rules (I think we changed those too?), and they both like Aberdeen, as well.

    I agree on changing the name thing. If anything, our football should be called “tackle ball” that’s what it is….lol

  6. Or Rugby for girls,that is what us Brits call it,due to the amount of paddiing the American footballers wear,by the way I read your retard/rape post,very well written,interesting and I found mytseld agreeing with you,I hate it when people get offended on other people’s behalf,,shame you didn’t leave comments on,but I can understand why you didn’t at the same time.

  7. I almost did, except I realize that the majority of people who read me are American. And, sadly, Americans are perpetually offended and overly politically correct 100% of the time. It would have brought in the hatemail. I’ve never heard of any other country having a problem with rape being a trigger, just in America. I believe it’s because we coddle people far too much in this country. I’ve never been one to be politically correct.

  8. There are plenty of those nutters here in the UK,In the 80’s we had a chain of charity shops for the mentaly retarded called the spastics society,growing up,if a kid said something stupid he would be called a spastic,the charity decided to change their name to Scope as they didn’t want to offend anybody.

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