Euro 2012 – Opening ceremony

opening ceremony

These events are usually very forgettable,yesterdays opening ceremony was no different,the only thing more boring than the introduction to the Euros was the game that followed it – Poland 1 – 1 Greece.

Both teams seemed determined not to win or score many goals,Poland should have been 3 – 0 up by half time,but every time fate passed to one of their strikers, the Polish players conviction seemed some what lacking.

Back to the ceremony,if you made a list of great people that would create an exciting atmosphere to kick things off,a classic pianist and a cheesy DJ would be low down on my list.

Pianist Adam Gyorgy seemed to be smacking at his keys with mad frustration,finally he decided enough was a enough,he jumped off the piano,collected a ball from a small boy, then failed to juggle the ball for more than 3 touches,hysterically he then decided that even though the juggle act that he failed at was simple,he would then go for the old, ball behind the neck,balancing act,the ball stayed still for around half a second before rolling down his back and out of play,TAXI FOR ADAM GYORGY PLEASE !


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