Iron Sky: Movie Review Part 2

I do love listening and reading about movie reviews. Sometimes though, this does not work in our favor. I went into the movie with the words “cult classic” ringing in my ears. After viewing I tried putting the movie into that category, you know what? It just may slip in the back door.

I’m not the biggest fan in the world when it comes to sci-fi; I really find this genre hard to take serious. What this movie does and does well is it doesn’t take its self seriously. The Comic aspect come’s from the dialogue, it’s purposely crafted to be cheesy.

What really grabbed my attention were the visual effects. Let’s just consider the amount of money spent $7.5 million, yes it’s a lot of money for you and I, but in movie terms it’s not even a ripple in your morning cup of tea. They where outstanding, there is a lot of correlation with the price spent on transformers and it’s a great reference because that was a visual nightmare in comparison to the price spent here.

So the dialogue is cheesy, the visuals are fantastic, the only let down for me were the props. The movie had a mixture of country’s involved in the production, Germany, Australia, America and Finland. Which has never caught my eye before when the credits roll at the end. The props look like they were built from someone who worked on the set of an Aussie soap opera, with the visual being so good maybe they should have spent just a little more time with the sets.

The movie was  fun, quirky,  and very original.




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