I’m getting tired of the English press – Euro 2012

OK before I begin,let me state,that I wish England could play like Brazil or Spain,unfortunately we don’t,and instead have to maximise our ability and win games as a team.

England drew against France last night and most of the English press are slating the team,France has not lost a game of football in two years,we conceded possession but was still unlucky not to have taken all three points.

Today in the Guardian there are headlines such as – Euro 2012 football – England underwhelm as Ukraine entertain.

What did they expect,we would win the game 3 – 0 ?
We did not have a proven goal scorer in the team,and instead gave youth a chance,the team should feel proud today.

I think the English press just enjoy reporting negative crap,I could understand it based on the last World cup,but this is a new beginning with new management in place,I find the lack of anything positive they have to say as underwhelming.

I hope our boys build on what was a solid performance yesterday and ignore the crap being written back home.



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