Watching England v France in Thailand,England score twice from one goal

I had been looking forward to the Euro’s all year,especially the England v France game.

My first mistake was to agree to watch it with a bunch of Thai people,all they did was chatter all the way through and only paid attention when the ball went anywhere near the goal.

The second problem I had was the delay in the only channel we had available to watch the game,which meant,that when Lescott scored from a header I heard about it 7 seconds before it actually happened,from my visuals,I saw Gerrard put the ball down,then I heard an almighty scream from the bar down the road,now Gerrard did put the ball down in a nice way,but I coudn’t understand the excitement being shared until I saw Lescott rise and head home!

For the rest of the game,I was listening out for a scream every time England got anywhere near the box,that scream never came as England only scored once,I can’t wait to get back to the UK and watch the mighty England without these distractions  


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