A Bangkok man throws acid at thirty victims

This Bangkok nutter has been going round Bangkok throwing acid water at residents and tourists,in the report below he confirms that he attacked around 30 people and some dogs….

His wife was on TV yesterday,she confirmed that she left him two years ago as he started to talk and laugh to himself for no apparent reason.

This is a fucked up horrible thing to happen,but what makes it worse ? the Thai police make this guy show them how and where he did the attacks,while at the same time bringing his victims back to relive the ordeal,talk about adding emotional scars to their already existing physical scars.

where ever you live,just be grateful it’s not Bangkok.


A 50-year-old scavenger has confessed to a series of caustic acid attacks in Bangkok, admitting to about 30 offences in two months, police said on Monday morning.

Pol Maj Gen Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, the acting metropolitan police chief, said scrap dealer Rachan Theerakitnukul told investigators that he felt quite normal at the time, but had been using crystal methamphetamine, or ice.

The suspect said he committed the attacks because he felt neglected, under pressure and disrespected by people around him.

“I was angry when people criticised me for collecting garbage and asking for money from foreigners,” the Bangkok resident said.

According to Mr Rachan, he was under the influence of crystal meth when he carried out his attacks.

“I don’t even know who I splashed it on, and I even splashed it on dogs,” he said.

The scavenger admitted he attacked pedestrians at random in Saphan Kwai area about 10 times, the Pratunam-Ratchaprasong intersection seven or eight times, Victory Monument three or four times and Lad Phrao road four or five times.

Pol Maj Gen Kamronwit said six victims showed up and identified their assailant — four Thai women, a British woman and a Thai man.

He said Mr Rachan had no record of mental illness but was arrested in 2004 for using crystal meth in Bangkok’s Bang Sue district.

The officer affirmed that Mr Rachan was the sole attacker.

The suspect was charged with assault and was detained at the Criminal Court.

Mr Rachan was arrested on Sunday while riding a tricycle cart at the entrance of Intammara Soi 39 in the Din Daeng area and a bottle of toilet-cleaning liquid was found in his possession.

Police later discovered five empty bottles of toilet-cleaning liquid and concentrated liquid drain cleaner — which contains caustic soda – and a device used for consuming crystal meth in his rented room. He admitted finding the bottles in trash cans and collecting the residual liquid in them.

News of the “acid” attacks hit the headlines recently. Reports of attackers randomly spraying substances that caused burning and skin irritation at people in the capital have circulated on the internet over the past two months.

At the popular Thai web board pantip.com, several people said they had been attacked by assailants using water pistols to spray a chemical at them which caused intense burning and irritation to their skin


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