Aeroplane politics ….. That seat is mine!

I flew back from Thailand to the UK last night,I was lucky in the fact that I had a spare seat next to me,with ten hours of travel a head of me ,I felt quietly excited at the prospect of stretching my arms out and using the space next to me as some kind of private shelf / storage facility.

As the doors closed on my KLM flight,my anxiety begin to disappear,there was always a small chance some person could be running late,now the doors have been bolted and shut,satisfaction falls upon me.

As I glance around,I notice a row of chairs completely free,four seats that turn into a mirage of a bed on such a long flight,I then realise everyone is clocking these chairs,people try to gain the attention of the air stewardess without luck,I know the question before they ask it,everyone is becoming slighty agitated at losing out on this bed in the sky.

Eventually a Dutch man in his fifties builds up the courage and pounces like a tiger on to his prey(The row of seats),I notice the other passengers look disgusted with his behaviour,they mention it to themselves while making sure the tiger hears what they are saying.

Remarkably the tiger has second thoughts when the engine starts,he jumps back into his squashed seat as embarrassment flows out of his cheeks,everyone seems to look at him with pure astonishment and disbelief,you took the seats without asking which was rude, now you are giving them up?

Without giving it a moments thought,a young guy in his early twenties,casually unbuckles himself and slides into his new row of heaven,while not giving an ounce of concern to any of the leering eyes.

Moral of the story : Manners and respect have a place in this world, but not on an aeroplane,.


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