Sweden 2 – England 3 – Happy that we won,but I’m concerned

I was impressed with our result against France,largely we were solid and seemed to have a game plan that we stuck to.

It didn’t take long to realise last night,that Sweden were a very average team,we did not have to fight for possession,the Swedes naturally gave it away,my concern from last night, was England’s lack of killer instinct,their opponents had wobbly legs early on,England’s response was to match Sweden’s poor passing and final ball with their own disjointed performance.

Andy Carrol,Walcott and Welbeck all took their goals well,I cant help but feel these finishes hide what was a frightened England performance,I really hope I’m wrong,but I saw shades of England from South Africa last night.

Hopefully with Walcott now forcing Roy’s hand,he will have more pace in the team,there’s been a lot of talk about Rooney now being available,realistically he hasn’t played a lot of football of late,I would be surprised if he is firing on all cylinders ,I think the best we can hope for,is that he starts,grabs a goal,wraps the game up against Ukraine,and then gets subbed for the qualifying games.



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